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Sister Sofia Berrones, MCDP

In support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Sister Sofia created her homemade sign and walked at the intersection of Meridian Street and Race Street on Saturday mornings in San Jose, CA. With the COVID 19 pandemic, she took precautions by not joining the groups in the downtown area of San Jose.


We walk this journey together, responding to God’s call and of trusting in Providence

Our response to God’s call also impels us to walk with our sisters and brothers in need. No plight more paramount than that of our immigrant brothers and sisters. My MCDP Sisters have responded, each in their own way, to embrace our directional statement: Rooted in Christ, we become a prophetic voice, authentic with one another in order to witness the Providence of God in the lives of all people, especially women, children & the immigrant.

We have opened our doors for shelter, advocated for a humane response and aid for those at our U.S. southern border, gathered with others in public prayer, and ministered directly with those affected by these events. We firmly believe that our vows compel us to respond—rooted in the Gospel—we embrace the presence, gifts, and voices of everyone. We know that we live in a world of global demographic changes and increasing cultural diversity. With the impact of immigration and growing diversity, not only are we called to become effective and cross-culturally competent ministers—but compassionate ministers as well.

Sisters Esther Guerrero, Carmen Avila, and Mary John Trevino MCDP. Peace rally El Paso, Texas, September 8, 2019.


We continue the work of building bridges, not walls, in support of all immigrants, especially Hispanics

Our Sister Angela Erevia, MCDP ...

Reporting on Immigration Activities as she continues to work toward building bridges, not walls, in our mission as Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence.


On November 7, 2017, I was in Washington, D.C. with members of the National Catholic Association of Diocesan Directors for Hispanic Ministry [NCADDHM] to lobby for DACA. With other Kansas constituents, I visited the offices of the Kansas Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and Congressman Roger Marshall.


[Photo of Angela with Capitol in background]


Welcome the Stranger
Angela Erevia head
Angela Erevia head

Angela Erevia DC
Angela Erevia DC

Angela Erevia kobach
Angela Erevia kobach

Angela Erevia head
Angela Erevia head


Sign-up, Take Charge and Immigration Reform

MCDP Sisters have been actively involved with the San Antonio based institution, Communities Organized for Public Service (C.O.P.S.) and the Metro Alliance. COPS Metro are a coalition of congregations, schools, and unions coming together so that we can effectively act on behalf of families. C.O.P.S. and the Metro Alliance work within each of these institutions to identify a diverse, broad-based leadership that can connect to each other in new ways in order to act effectively on behalf of children, families, and neighborhoods. (

Recently the MCDP Sisters were involved in collecting postcards and signatures of registered voters in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

For a more in-depth look at the entire campaign and MCDP involvement, visit the following link. Be sure to watch the video.

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